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Introducing "Mom & Babies" Diffusers and Fragrance Oils, We are part of the essence of My Forever blessing. We are creating a touch of your journey as family. Our products are thoughtfully designed to enhance bonding moments, promote relaxation, and foster a sense of well-being for the entire family. 

We like you to travel and inspire you every time you enter a room.

 MyOLii Scents


Mom & Babies   by My Forever Blessing 


Welcome to the future! The NEW WAY OF SMELL. Introducing our groundbreaking cold air diffuser (nebulizer) technology. Unlike any other product on the market, our innovative diffusers offer a unique blend of safety, aromas, efficiency, and convenience.

What sets our cold air diffusers apart is their waterless design, making them safe for use around pets and kids. With no hot surfaces or water spills to worry about, you can enjoy the benefits of any aroma of your dream, just one touch and without any hassle or risk.


15% Off All Items


15% Off All Items



...smell is the only fully developed sense a fetus has in the womb

 ... scientifically the smell is the only fully developed sense a fetus has in the womb, and it’s the one that is the most developed in a child through the age of around 10 when sight takes over. And because “smell and emotion are stored as one memory,” said Goldworm, childhood tends to be the period in which you create “the basis for smells you will like and hate for the rest of your life.” 


How scent, emotion, and memory are intertwined — and exploited — Harvard Gazette 

SMELL is actually a very special tool that scent gives us, being able to change our mental state, calm us, focus us, center us, and so forth, just because we paid attention to it.


 MyOlii Mom & Babies Collection          

  • Our Cold Air diffusers ( nebulizing technology, and Waterless Diffusion) are meticulously engineered to disperse gentle, calming scents throughout your home.

  • Customizable settings and gentle humming sound as they operate, which can act as background noise. 

  • Ambient lighting features, which can add to the soothing atmosphere for babies. (Recommended product -GLOWSTONE DIFFUSER)

  • The combination of soft lighting and white noise from the diffuser can create a comforting environment that promotes relaxation and better sleep for babies. 

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