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early detection of gender DNA testing/ PROULY CANADIAN

99.9% accuracy at just 7 PLUS weeks...


We're thrilled to announce our new partnership with EARLY REVEAL, a leading Canadian company specializing in gender testing. This partnership allow me to provide our valued clients, in a more flexible and affordable manner and PAINLESS .. YES PAINLESS.. ( I am so excited about this)

With Early Reveal's cutting-edge technology, we can now offer you gender testing as early as 7 weeks into your pregnancy. This painless and accurate testing method allows you to discover your baby's gender.

We're excited about the opportunities this collaboration brings and look forward to continuing to serve you with excellence. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for more information or to schedule your gender testing appointment.

Thank you for choosing MFB .


Here's to new beginnings and exciting discoveries!

Warm regards,


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Gender Reveal
Early Reveal Gender





You will message My Forever Blessing to coordinate an appointment.



On the day of the appointment. Client needs to be more than 7 > + weeks gestation for this test to be accurate,




*** Full Bladder to confirm gestation is a must for the ultrasound. ****



Now is the hard part... Waiting 


We will take care of the rest.. and in matters of days you will get an email  ( Gender Reveal Suitable) to know the gender of your baby.


 Accurate  test

Early Reveal at 7 weeks DNA

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Early Reveal  work?

In short, our lab tests target and detect the Y chromosome, which would be present in the mom’s blood if she’s pregnant with a boy.


If the Y chromosome isn’t detected, that means that you’re having a girl. If it is detected, then it’s a boy! The affinity of our targets and the Y chromosome is very high, meaning that the results are very accurate.

How are  Early Reveal different from other companies?

We target for regions of the Y-chromosome which was designed by our research team and our scientists. We're confident that our regions have a very high affinity to the selected portion of the target chromosome which has proven to be 99% accurate.


We also hold a Health Canada MDEL License, the ONLY gender detection company in Canada to have this certification. All samples are analyzed in Canada in our lab in Laval, Qc and the company is 100% Canadian owned and operated.

 What's the science   behind the test?

At the very early stages of pregnancy, the fetal blood is mixed in with maternal blood. By analyzing the blood of the mother, we can separate the maternal blood form the fetal blood and with that we can get a lot of genetic information about the baby.


The information we look for specifically is presence/absence of the Y-chromosome. Knowing that males and females differ on the chromosome pairs (XY vs. XX) we target to determine the presence or absence of the Y-Chromosome. 


If this chromosome is detected, then we can make a conclusion that a male fetus is present but if it's absent then we can conclude that it's a female fetus. Once that information is received, we notify you of the results and you can begin to celebrate!

Do blood thinners affect my results?

E.R.  looks only for the presence of Y chromosomes and is extremely sensitive and accurate. No blood thinners or other drugs are known to impact gender results.

Are results guaranteed?

Early Reveal is 99% accurate early gender test. If your test result does not match the gender of your newborn, you’ll receive a full refund.

How quickly can I get my results?

You will receive your result within 3-8 business days of your blood draw.* Expect your result by email  between 4-8pm Pacific Time the day your sample is received by E.R.  *Subject to postal delays.

Gender Reveal
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