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You are pregnant and you have so many questions:


  • Is it a boy or a girl?

  • What are we going to name our baby?

  • Which parent is she going to look like?

  • What is my baby doing?

  • What is the personality of the baby I am carrying?

A 3D/4D Ultrasound session can help answer all of these questions for you! There is so much to see: your baby might be moving around, stretching, yawning, smiling, sucking his/her thumb, even blinking, and you have the chance to catch it all on video!


DO YOU KNOW !  We can record your baby’s activities on a DVD so you can share and enjoy it with your family as many times as you want. The best moments are captured as video clips and pictures.


Who thought that you could start your baby album even before your baby is born?

Beside having an amazing time; 3D/4D Ultrasound 
  • Really shows your baby’s character long before he or she is even born;

  • Improves bonding between parents and their babies;

  •  Encourages the transformation into parenthood;

  •  Reduces harmful habits of expectant parents, such as smoking and drinking;

  • Promotes family support;

  • Helps discover the baby’s personality, as well as bringing out the physical features.

Enjoy your pregnancy! See your baby in 4D now and cherish the memories!

"Creating Beautiful pictures for Beautiful Memories" 

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