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You will message My Forever Blessing to coordinate and appointment with the Phlebotomist


test day

On the day of the appointment. Client need to be more than 6 > + weeks gestation for this test to be accurate,





If your days are GOOD  ( no need to double check gestation)

the Lab Technician will take your blood DNA sample at the time of your appointment no preparation needed. 


*** If you think your days are wrong or unknown and you need a double confirmation with an ultrasound machine to be able to confirm gestation this is available for a FEE  and preparation required* .

* Full Bladder to confirm gestation is a must, in case of unknown gestational age.


get your Results

Now is the hard part... Waiting 


We will take care of the rest.. and in matters of days you will get an email  ( Gender Reveal Suitable) to know the gender of your baby.


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